All of Skyrim is in your grasp. Countless caves, and tombs waiting for your exploration, if only you have the courage to step forth onto unknown grounds. Any adventurer, whether they be mage, thief, or warrior, has the chance to be great.
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Name: Shavari (No available last name.)

Age: 32 Human Years

Race: Khajiit

Gender: Female

Class: Thief

Faction: Thieves Guild, Guild Master

Personality: Shavari is cold, calculative, and cunning. She has the patience to wait for an opportune moment, and the guts to take a little risk every now and then. But aside from those in her guild, she watches out for nobody. She's only involved for coin, not for any silly emotions of the heart. She can be blunt when insulting someone, yet sly when she's telling a little white lie. A thief, at heart, to say the very least.

Likes/Dislikes: She enjoys the thrill of a heist, and a nice bit of coin in her pocket. She rarely likes to spend her money though, and sharing is not one of her strong suits.

Appearance: Shavari seems to take on the appearance of a tiger, having rough fur that resembles the color of autumn leaves, and piercing yellow, feline eyes. Her ears are long and pointed, and black. Her tail is striped orange and black, much like a tiger. She's often found to be wearing her thieves guild master armor, which resembles any other set of guild armor, aside from it being considerably darker, almost black. She also carries a steel dagger, a Nightingale Bow, and a quiver of steel arrows. Across her nose, however, are claw marks, no doubt scars from a past quarrel with a fellow Khajiit.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Shavari's greatest strength, as well as weakness, is her lack of trust towards anyone outside the Guild. She doesn't put anything passed a stranger, and can sometimes think the worst of people. But this goes along with her looking out for her own interests. Shavari's also an excellent climber, archer, and sneaker. She is an animal after all. She is not one to take on an intimidating opponent; not directly, at least. If she can't take out an enemy silently, then she's much more hesitant. She will not kill an innocent, strictly due to the morals of the Guild. If she has any other weaknesses, they are unknown.

Skills: Sneak, Lockpicking, Archery, and One-handed.

History: Being of the secretive type, Shavari does not lead on about any history beyond the Guild. She found her way into the Ratways in Riften one cold morning, and once she had shown a bit of her worth, the Guild took her in, and she went from rag to- well, not exactly riches, but she was a lot better off then she was before. They taught her a few things any thief should know; pickpocketing, lockpicking- she already had a knack for sneaking and a talent with the bow. But the best thing they could have ever given her was a dagger, the true aid to stealth.

The Guild was prosperous when Shavari first joined, but after a few years of a bit of bad luck, the Thieves Guild has taken a huge dive in profits. And as things got worse, their numbers started dwindling until the leader eventually passed and gave Shavari his position. Now, Shavari is fighting to restore the Guild to its former glory, along with her fellow members, the few that happen to still be around. They have a tendency to just call her "boss" rather than by name, and of course she doesn't complain. There is very little chance of mutiny in the Guild, because although things aren't much better from when the previous guild master was in charge, there is no doubt amongst the guild that Shavari has been doing all that she can and more. Even still, the Guild is at a fragile state.

Other Characters: Aron
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