All of Skyrim is in your grasp. Countless caves, and tombs waiting for your exploration, if only you have the courage to step forth onto unknown grounds. Any adventurer, whether they be mage, thief, or warrior, has the chance to be great.
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 Cyredanea, Haryl

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Haryl Cyredanea

Haryl Cyredanea

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PostSubject: Cyredanea, Haryl   Cyredanea, Haryl EmptyWed Jun 06, 2012 5:32 pm


Name: Haryl Cyredanea (Hah-rill [Click the tongue... or however you say it] Sire-dah-neigh-uh)

Age: 19

Race: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

Gender: Female

Class: Warrior

Faction: N/A

Personality: Quick in both mind and body, Haryl is a woman of few words. She takes into consideration the life of all beings and rarely stops to mingle with society. Animals are easier to handle and deal with. Haryl is really honest and serious – even her rare witty remarks are said in a deadpan, so one is never sure whether to laugh or not. She follows her principles and hers alone. Haryl has no goal, no aspiration in life at the moment, so she goes by her days simply.

Likes/Dislikes: Haryl enjoys her time in the nature and forests – less so in cities and the like. The company of an animal was preferable over the company of others – save, perhaps, her own kind – and people who drank spirits were, in her eyes, detestable. While some would think her to not eat vegetation like the rest of her folk, Haryl didn’t mind – it was just the circle of life and energy and all that inspirational stuff. Haryl also has a queer dislike of donkeys and an unhealthy fear of Necromancy.

Appearance: Average in height, Haryl doesn’t care much for the up-to-date fashions, or whatever. She's stuck to the plain and simple clothes that function best to her needs and the occasional armor. Nothing worth keeping permanently, though. Haryl is the traveling type of person who needn’t be hindered by unnecessary luggage. She’s lithe, strong, and carries her bow across her back at all times. Her eyes, always taking in as much information as possible, can change color with her mood.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Haryl is skilled most in archery – she hasn't been seen to miss a shot for years, now. She's handy with a one-handed sword, although dual-wielding is preferable. Haryl knows how to survive in the wild and handle/control animals, yet she isn't one of social grace. She is incredibly nimble and can be stealthy when need be, but refuses to fight or kill unless it's absolutely necessary. The same goes for stealing and trickery. She's annoyingly stubborn, leading to others' irritation. She's also never considered learning magic before, and other weapons beside bow and sword are nearly alien to her. Necromancy is one of Haryl's strongest fears, as she grew up in an environment that also feared the dark magic.

Skills: Archery, One-Handed, Sneak

History: Haryl was born in Valenwood, home of her kind. She lived in Falinesti with her two parents and older brother and sister. Haryl had always been the odd one in her family – she wasn't fond of fighting, yet didn't understand the Green Pact – why shouldn't they use vegetation to their purposes? She was never as energetic as her fellow friends, nor as talkative. A lot of people wrote her off as dumb, but Haryl merely found it better to observe everything quietly to understand more. She's more mature than a lot of the adults combined, but her quiet, soft-spoken stubbornness often led to lectures by irritated elders.

By the time Haryl was fifteen, she was fed up with Valenwood. The Thalmor pretty much dictated her country and made life miserable to most the Bosmer. She wasn't one for politics, but Haryl was always curious about her formerly-moving-now-not-moving city. She hoped to find a way to restore it to its former glory, but staying in Valenwood would do nothing. With a great deal of persuasion, Haryl managed to enroll into the government as a diplomatic scout (it helped a great deal that she wasn't as cheerful as her folk, oddly enough). She was shipped off with a group to Skyrim, 'accidentally abandoned' on the way, and then spent three hellish years getting there. By that time, Haryl was eighteen and scarred with the experience of hard travel.

Once reaching Skyrim, Haryl resided in Falkreath for a fair year or two. Her 'childish dream' of finding the super cure was hidden in the back of her mind, but Haryl was now uncomfortable with staying in one place for too long. She's now a hunter, selling meat and fur to the towns and villages she stumbles upon as she travels throughout the country. Her intentions now?

Nothing. Just live.

*During her trek towards the north, Haryl stumbled upon a wild, stray cat. With black fur and glowing green eyes, it was a tiny little male that spat at every passerby. Including Haryl. At closer inspection, his right front leg seemed to be broken. Ignoring all his yowling protests, Haryl had picked up the animal - taking heed to avoid the claws - and carried him off to her temporary camp site. Haryl wasn't sure what the cat was thinking, but he had freaked out when she neared the fire with a pot of water in one hand and him still tucked under the other (perhaps he thought she was about to eat him, or something). He struggled, jumped, and ended up twisting the other leg, as well.
Haryl patched the cat up as best she could, washing and feeding him to boot. Once she deemed him to be decently nurtured, she made a shooing motion his way and started packing up to leave. Oddly enough, the cat stayed with her. He seemed to have taken a liking towards the strange young elf with ever-changing eye color.

From then on, the cat and the girl traveled together as a pair. She gave him a fair share of food and he paid likewise by keeping the smaller animals away - he was 'protecting' her. They were an unlikely duo, but it still seemed to work. Eventually, she named him after the sound he had made when panicked that first time:

Other Characters: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: Cyredanea, Haryl   Cyredanea, Haryl EmptyWed Jun 06, 2012 7:29 pm

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Cyredanea, Haryl
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